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About Peek & Toland, PLLC, Los Abogados Güeros™

At Peek & Toland, PLLC our lawyers are passionate about our client's legal needs. Proudly serving our community, small businesses and you, the individual, Peek & Toland, PLLC demonstrates our commitment to providing effective legal service. We embrace the importance of working hand in hand, guiding you as you address difficult legal choices such as criminal charges, a divorce, the need for a visa or complex business transactions and litigation.

Peek & Toland, PLLC

Mission Statement:

Being your voice in Adversity through the pursuit of Justice, Mercy and Restoration.

Why We Serve Clients:

Families - The family is the center of the community of Central Texas and the law firm of Peek & Toland, PLLC. Serving our own families and client families as they make difficult decisions about immigration, marriage and unexpected prosecutions is the center of the law firm of Peek & Toland, PLLC's commitment to strengthen and serve our community.

Individuals - Each individual staff member at Peek & Toland, PLLC is dedicated to ongoing personal and professional growth of themselves and our clients. We wish to grow alongside of our clients as we perfect our practice of law and enable our clients to achieve their desired legal outcome.

Community - Employers, churches, schools and our government often need the careful and discreet assistance of a community law firm to assist their employees, members and individuals to navigate legal complexities. Peek & Toland, PLLC is an active participant in the Central Texas community, supporting our neighbors with our time, treasure and talents.

Our Values:

  • Responding Graciously - We will hold ourselves accountable, be understanding and sympathetic, and walk humbly with integrity and honesty.
  • Advocating Tenaciously - We will be passionate, efficient and organized in our service to our clients.
  • Sowing Generously - We will invest in our community, share our success and spread our blessings.
  • Investing in excellence - We are dedicated to the professional growth of our employees and being leaders in our fields, as well as educating and encouraging our clients.
  • Restore Compellingly - We will partner with those who seek to restore and help those in need.

Sponsorships and Affiliations:

We are proud members of many professional associations, including the following:

(American Immigration Lawyers)

American Immigration Lawyers Association

(Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association)

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

NCDLA (National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association)

National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

ABA (American Bar Association)

American Bar Association

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

C12 Group
(Christian CEOs & Owners)

C12 Group

We are also proud sponsors of the following organizations:

International Justice Mission (IJM)

Ray of Hope

Compassion International

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

Feed the Hungry

Feed the Hungry

Casa Hogar de La Montana
(Providing children a home in Saltillo, Mexico)

Casa Hogar de La Montana

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