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When searching for an experienced criminal defense attorney, call Steve Toland with the Law Firm of Peek and Toland. Steve is one of Austin's top criminal defense attorneys, possessing years of experience in federal and criminal defense law. Steve is just one of the reliable attorneys at the Law Firm of Peek and Toland who are experienced in a variety of types of laws, knowledgeable in governmental law, and able to defend clients who are in need of a dependable, bilingual criminal or immigration lawyer in Austin. It's time to put your case in the hands of our talented, caring team to help protect your rights and guide you through the criminal defense process.

The Peek and Toland Law Firm recognizes the difficulties and complexities that come with prosecution and the stress it will place on you and your loved ones. That is why we always devote our time and attention to all of your legal needs and concerns.

Our experience in the courtroom, coupled with our honest approach and commitment to ensure that you will always receive aggressive, informative representation in your legal matters, makes us your Austin criminal defense lawyers of choice. We always provide a quick and straightforward consultation in which we will discuss the best possible choices, strategies and options for managing all of your criminal defense case issues. It's time to consult the criminal defense lawyers you can trust.

Peek and Toland's knowledgeable attorneys also have experience in Drugs and Theft cases, DWI, and Assault and Family Violence representation. If you are involved in a matter of criminal law and feel you may need representation, contact us for more information and details on the legal services available with Peek and Toland.

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