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Top 3 Most Dangerous Animals in Texas

By Peek & Toland on April 17, 2014

Before you read on, make note of the fact that there is really no malicious intent behind these so-called “dangerous animals” or any other animal for that matter. They operate on instinct, meaning their behavior is for the most part reactive to the environment and their needs.
Texas Criminal DefenseAnimals are generally afraid of humans, seeing as we’re probably the most dangerous and capable species on the planet when it comes down to it, and they only attack when they feel threatened or are in desperate situations. So don’t think that they’re out for murder; they probably don’t even have the cognitive ability to understand such a concept. Just remember to be respectful to nature. As long as you’re not reckless or disruptive while you’re out in the wild, you will most likely go through life without ever being attacked by one of these dangerous animals. Read the rest »

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