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Immigration Reform 2014: Getting Started

By Peek & Toland on November 26, 2014

With the President’s recent executive actions on immigration reform, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will be implementing a variety of changes over the coming months. The USCIS has a variety of great resources for individuals looking for more information on immigration reform, and provides much of that information on its website. With that being said, the information can be complicated at times, which is why the attorneys of Peek & Toland are more than happy to assist individuals with whatever questions they may have regarding their particular immigration situation.

As a convenience to our readers, we’ll be writing a blog series that touches on some of the major initiatives being carried out by the USCIS. At play are a variety of changes to immigration policy, including those that pertain to the following scenarios: Read the rest »

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Obama to Announce Details of Immigration Reform

By Peek & Toland on November 20, 2014

Immigration ReformThe White House has announced that President Obama will address the nation to reveal the executive actions he plans to take to fix the U.S. immigration system. The address will be televised and broadcast online via WhiteHouse.gov at 7pm Central Standard Time November 20.

The address will finally shed light on the reform millions of immigrants have been looking forward to since the President promised to make sweeping changes two years ago during his bid for reelection. By taking executive action, the President plans to initiate a number of comprehensive changes that will give millions of immigrants living in the country illegally a legal way to live and work in the country – without fear. Read the rest »

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President Obama Set to Initiate 10-Part Immigration Overhaul

By Peek & Toland on November 17, 2014

Austin Immigration LawyerAccording to administration officials, President Obama will announce a 10-part plan for drastically overhauling the U.S. immigration system – with or without Congress’ consent in the coming weeks.

The president’s plan was revealed recently in a draft proposal that may be officially announced as early as November 21. However, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that the president has not made any final decisions about which of the 10 initiatives he intends to enforce with executive action.

One of the most notable and controversial parts of the proposal would expand deferred action from illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children to also include the parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents. The move would allow roughly 4.5 million illegal immigrants to stay in the country. Read the rest »

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Four Ways to Protect Yourself From a DWI This Holiday Season

By Peek & Toland on November 16, 2014

Holiday parties in Texas are in full swing and many party goers prefer to enjoy a few drinks at these events.  If you choose to drink alcohol this holiday season, help avoid a potential Texas DWI charge and keep yourself safe by keeping these tips in mind:

1. Plan ahead.

Before you head out, know where you’re staying that night and how you’re getting there.  Are you going to a friend’s house and planning to spend the night?  Make sure your friends are ready for you.  Are you going to come home?  Program the numbers of local cab companies into your cell phone so you can hire a sober ride for yourself or anyone else who needs one.  If you have a designated driver, be sure to thank him or her! Read the rest »

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