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Austin Woman Sues Police over DWI Blood Draw

By Peek & Toland on February 9, 2015

Austin DWI AttorneyAn Austin woman has sued the city and Travis County, claiming they violated her civil rights while administering a blood draw, according to a report by Statesman.

The lawsuit states that on February of 2013, the woman, who was 24-years-old at the time, refused to take a breath test after she was pulled over for allegedly running two red lights. The affidavit for her arrest states that she exhibited signs of alcohol consumption and failed a field sobriety test.

In response to the woman’s refusal of the breath test, police escorted her to a small padded room where they restrained her in a chair. After receiving a warrant, they had a nurse attempt to draw her blood. However, she would not remain still, so the jail staff used pressure points in the jaw area to control her. Read the rest »

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Woman Allegedly Hits Bicyclist with Her Car while Intoxicated

By Peek & Toland on February 2, 2015

According to a report by Keye-TV, on the morning of January 24, a 30-year-old woman allegedly hit a bicyclist with her vehicle at the intersection of North Lamar Boulevard and Koenig Lane in Central Austin. Police believe she was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

After the accident, the woman spoke to police, stating that she did not see the cyclist until it was too late. Officers allege that the woman was emitting an odor of alcohol. They asked her where she had been prior to the accident. She responded that she was at her brother’s house where she consumed three and a half beers. While conducting a search of the woman’s vehicle, officers allegedly found an unopened six-pack of beer and an empty bottle of wine. Read the rest »

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