5 Weird or Fascinating World Records that Were Set in Texas

The Guinness World Records is thoroughly comprehensive in that it incorporates any and all kinds of records from around the world. Longest fingernails, biggest cat, most people wearing frog masks (no, that’s not a joke) – if it’s a record, chances are that Guinness has got it.
Texas Pride
Texas, being the “big” state that it is, is bound to have had a few records here or there, right? Yes! In fact, the Lone Star State has boasted more than a few records in the past, most of which were rather odd (as Guinness records tend to be). Today, the records below may have been beaten by some other persistent and perhaps compulsive individuals, but remember that Texas once held the crown for multiple world records!

A What Pie?

What happens when a squad of cooks employed by Frito-Lay gathers at the State Fair of Texas? You get the world’s largest Frito pie ever made. For people outside of the Southwest: a Frito pie involves an unhealthy but deceptively delicious combination of Fritos, chili, and cheese in a large pan. The record-making cooks needed an exceptionally large pan, a trough even, because they made 1,325 pounds of the stuff.

Getting Dizzy Just Watching Her

Doing one back handspring is quite an impressive feat. Miranda Ferguson performed 35 consecutive back handsprings when she was only 16 years old. As a Hockaday cheerleader, she executed the stunt during halftime at a football game. You can probably find a video of it online, but be warned: you might just lose your lunch.

We Might Have Leftovers

Minor league baseball team the El Paso Diablos set a record back in 1999 by making a pecan pie that weighed in at just under 19 tons. The crust itself took 3,471 pounds of flour to make. The filling contained 1,500 pounds of pecans and 13,350 pounds of sugar.

Please Bring Chips

In 2010, Bob Blumer of the TV show “Glutton for Punishment” recruited an army of volunteers to work on the World’s Largest Bowl of Salsa at the Annual Tomato Festival in Jacksonville. The result was a 500-gallon bowl monstrosity containing 2,672 pounds of freshly made salsa. The recipe involved approximately 80 cases of tomatoes, 500 onions, 150 heads of garlic, and impressive heaps of other ingredients.

A Crazy Confectionary Construction

During the holiday season in 2013, the Traditions Club worked on building a life-sized gingerbread house near Texas A&M University to help raise money for a good cause. They constructed sugary sweet panels out of enormous quantities of butter, brown sugar, flour, ground ginger, and a few other ingredients, and then they applied the panels to a wooden frame. The result was a 21-foot high, 2,520 square foot gingerbread house straight out of Hansel and Gretel. The house’s calorie count? Approximately 35.8 million.

Setting records goes along with the Texan penchant for competition and bragging rights. Go out there and make or break a record for the sake of glory!

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