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Gun and Weapons Charges

We are fortunate to live in a state that both affirms our 2nd Amendment rights and defends against those who would choose to abuse them. While as a law-abiding community we are able to exercise our right to bear arms in a responsible manner, Texas law enforcement takes a hard line on any missteps involving a deadly weapon. If you have been brought up on weapons charges in Austin, it is imperative you speak with the criminal defense specialists at the law firm of Peek & Toland today.

A weapons conviction in the state of Texas can haunt you and your family for the rest of your days unless it is dealt with quickly. Your record could be permanently sullied and your freedoms stripped away overnight. Peek & Toland has years of experience representing those who stand accused of such violations and will fiercely defend every citizen’s right to proper counsel. If you, or a family member, are facing weapons charges of any kind, contact our office today to set up a free case evaluation.

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What Kinds Of Weapons Are Illegal to Possess?

Obviously brandishing, possessing or using a firearm in an illegal manner will provoke officers into levying weapons charges against you. These types of actions account for a vast majority of weapons cases we see each year. However, there are some instruments banned in the state of Texas that if used or carried openly, will guarantee you legal trouble.

Under Texas Penal Code 46.05, the following items can result in serious fines, jail time and a permanent stain on your record:

  • Explosive or incendiary devices such a grenades or homemade bombs
  • Machine guns of any caliber
  • Improvised and unregistered handguns
  • Sawed-off shotguns or any short barreled firearm
  • Silencers
  • Brass knuckles
  • Any device that’s sole purpose is to aid in the disbursement of deadly chemicals
  • Any device designed to deflate a vehicles tires such as spikes or caltrops

What Kinds of Gun Charges Do You Defend?

Generally speaking, if you have been arrested in regards to the use, distribution or mishandling of a firearm in a public space, the criminal defense attorneys at Peek & Toland are your representatives. The following are just some of the potential weapons offenses you could be facing that we can provide counsel for:

  • The illegal possession of a firearm
  • Displaying or brandishing a weapon in a threatening manner
  • Committing a crime with a gun, including robbery, assault
  • Violating city or state conceal and carry laws, including Texas Penal Code 30.06
  • The smuggling and distribution of guns
  • A felon or parolee in possession of a firearm

What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need?

Quite frankly, you need someone who is well qualified and works quickly. The state of Texas enjoys a great deal of freedom in regards to the 2nd Amendment. But should you step outside of the accepted law of the land, expect the consequences to be firm and fast-acting. You’ll need a representative that grasps the fine points of weapon laws, can effectively litigate your position in a court of law and can expedite your release.

Peek & Toland has the experience, the tenacity and the reputation to help advise you on your options moving forward. Don’t waste another minute giving the prosecution the ammunition they need – call our office and schedule a free and confidential consultation today.

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