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We are proud to announce and celebrate with Partner Jeff Peek who has been awarded his Board Certification in Immigration & Nationality law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.


DAPA and Extension of DACA announcement

Since November 20, when the President made his announcement to expand via executive action the deferral of removal of another group of immigrants.

The Importance of joining legal forces to ensure work visa approval

foreign individual or company that comes to the United States to look for investment opportunities can initially enter the United States under a B-1 business visa or the visa waiver program…

Criminal Defense

Arrested and in jail Article

A couple of years ago I got a call at around 11pm at night from someone desperate to get her husband out of jail. He had been arrested for suspicion of D.W.I. and was booked into the Travis County jail.

Spring 2015 Case Victories

View Immigration and Criminal Defense case victories obtained on behalf of our Texas clients.

Fall 2014 Newsletter:


We are excited to announce the addition of 2 exceptional attorneys to our legal team:


Is Assault in Texas a Crime of Moral Turpitude?

In the world of Criminal Defense, if you have clients who are not U.S. Citizens, thanks to the Supreme Court’s long needed decision in Padilla v. Kentucky, you are required to inform your immigrant client of the immigration consequences of his plea agreement. This requires constant vigilance to the ever-growing body of law coming out of the BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals) and the different Federal Circuit Court opinions reviewing those BIA decisions (which frequently disagree) and of course the U.S Supreme Court.

Criminal Defense

Texas Mandatory Blood Draws and McNeely: An Update

Imagine a pleasant afternoon at home with your family and friends. You are in the backyard in front of the glowing coals of your charcoal grill. The aroma of the grilled food is filling the air, as is the sounds of the big game on the TV. You are enjoying this afternoon, relaxing and having a few beers with friends and family. Your spouse tells you that the ice is running low. Could you please go to the store and get some more? You hop in the car and go. As you are approaching the intersection, another car fails to yield and you are both in an accident.

Fall 2014 Case Victories

View Immigration and Criminal Defense case victories obtained on behalf of our Texas clients.

Spring 2014 Newsletter:


5 Things Lawful Permanent Residents Should Know But Many Don’t

If you are a LPR and you Naturalize, any of your children who are under 18 at the time you naturalize automatically naturalize by act of law. The Child Citizenship Act requires that they be physically present in the US, a LPR, and they automatically acquire Citizenship. This is also true of a US Citizen who petition for their non-citizen children (under the age of 18) who then enter the U.S. as Permanent Residents.

When is a State Drug Trafficking Conviction Not an Aggravated Felony under Immigration and Nationality Act?

This article examines the changing landscape of the immigration consequences of trafficking criminal convictions of small amounts of marijuana after the Supreme Court’s decision in Moncrieffe v. Holder, 133 S. Ct. 1678 (2013).

Criminal Defense

Police Detentions and the «911» Call

Does an officer have the right to detain you based on a private citizen’s 911 call? The answer may surprise you. An officer may detain you if they have ‘sufficient reason to believe the caller’s information is accurate’; ie: if the information contains a sufficient indicia of reliability. What circumstances are relevant in making this determination? And how might officers find out whether these circumstances exist? This article will attempt to answer those questions.

Spring 2014 Case Victories

View Immigration and Criminal Defense case victories obtained on behalf of our Texas clients.

Summer 2013 Newsletter

Where Criminal Law & Immigration Law Intersect

If You’re Gonna Do Me Wrong Judge, Do It Right

Texas courts have have long held that the requirement that the requirement of Tex. Code Crim. Proc. Art. 26.13 are only mandatory in felony pleas of guilty or nolo contendere, a defendant must be admonished if he: [I]s not a citizen of the United States of America, a plea of guilty or nolo contendere for the offense…


The Waiver of the Right to Counsel, 5th & 6th Amendments, and the Immigrant Defendant

It is well established right under both the Federal and State constitutions, that anyone charged with a crime who cannot afford to hire his own counsle for his legal defense, will be provided counsel at no charge to him. This mandate is also explicitly stated in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

Criminal Defense

Right to Remain Silent: Most Powerful and Least Used Right

«A detective has called and want me to come in and talk with him about an ongoing investigation into a potential criminal matter, what should I do?» If you practice Criminal Defense for any amount of time, you will inevitably get a question like this. I have already had 4 clients in 2013 call with this exact dilemma.

The Legal Update, Success Stories & Core Values In Action

Keep up to date with the latest changes to criminal defense, immigration and federal criminal defense law. Learn about our case victories and read about the clients we’ve been able to help. Also, learn how we strive to implement our Core Values every day to defend our clients, earn great results and changes lives.


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