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Peek & Toland is a well-known law firm based in Austin, TX. We have years of experience with criminal defense cases that relate to drug trafficking and the unlawful distribution of drugs and paraphernalia. There are a total of 5 drug groups in Texas, and the penalties can vary from imprisonment to extremely steep fines and penalties. We will work diligently in your defense, ensuring that your legal rights are fully protected at all times. Whether you have been caught with a few pounds of marijuana, or a truck load of crystal methamphetamine, we will never discriminate against any client. If you need the services of an drug trafficking lawyer, then place your trust in our experience and knowledge of all types of drug related cases. Our high level of experience with criminal drug cases gives us a big picture view of how to help you.

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If you need a defense attorney, then look no further. We respect your circumstances, and we will do everything we can to ensure that the process of your criminal case runs as smoothly as possible. Our lawyers will listen to your concerns, and we will build a solid case for your defense. Give us a call today to experience why others in the Austin area continually choose our law firm for quality legal representation services.

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