What You Should Know About Alcohol To-Go During the Pandemic

By Peek & Toland on September 25, 2020

As a wise person who once said, “In troubled times, you just need to know when to give up and have a margarita.” I think we can all relate to that. 

Attorney Steve Toland begins a new series breaking down the Executive Order that Texas Governor Abbott released in March about alcohol to-go during the pandemic.

On March 19th of 2020, he issued an executive order that over-read previous rules from the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission about alcohol to go from restaurants, but it spurs many questions that we’ve received frequently since. 

There are four things you should remember about the alcohol to-go in Texas. 

1. It only protects you for manufactured sealed alcohol. 

The alcohol needs to stay in the original container, which the manufacturer put it in. Restaurants cannot make their alcoholic beverage and put it in a styrofoam cup and put some scotch tape over it. Now they can make the cocktail mix that goes with it and sell that as a separate item, but they can’t sell the alcohol themselves. It has to be in its original sealed manufactured container. 

2. It applies to a certain volume of alcohol it’s 0.375 milliliters of alcohol.

Similar to those airline bottles, the tiny ones. You can’t go and get a bottle of service from a restaurant.

3. You have to purchase food with alcohol. 

Restaurants cannot turn themselves into a bar and start just selling liquor to-go. They have to sell you food as well, or you have to purchase food as well.

4. It doesn’t change the rules for those restaurants or bars that already had previously obtained specialty licensure from TABC to sell beer, to-go, or wine to-go. 

Those places are still in effect, but those rules don’t apply because they already had previous permission to sell. 

Those are the four things you should keep in mind about alcohol. It is legal. However, don’t forget, open container rules still apply. So you can’t take your little miniature bottle of alcohol, mix it, and then drive with it home. That would be a violation of class C violation in Texas of an open container rule. 

We’ll talk in future episodes of In Your Defense about the open container laws in Texas. 

If you have any questions about alcohol-related offenses or any criminal liability issues whatsoever, please reach out to us. 

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Can Immigration Check Your Cell Phone? | Immigration Wednesdays

By Peek & Toland on August 5, 2020

Attorney Jeff Peek will discuss the following question often asked by clients:

Can immigration search yourself cell phone when you come through an international checkpoint or airport? 

Most of you are aware of the fourth amendment and protecting your rights against unreasonable searches and seizures from the government. The fourth amendment says, “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures…” 

There are two notable exceptions to the fourth amendment. 

The first exception is searches incident to arrest. Meaning you’ve been arrested. The cops handcuffing you, maybe let’s say a perfect example is driving while intoxicated. At that point, he’s going to pat you down. He’s doing that for his safety, for your safety to make sure there’s no contraband, make sure there are no weapons. But what happens when they find a cell phone in the pocket? At that point, historically, cops used to check your cell phone, which was used as a vital piece of information. But there’s a critical Supreme Court case, 2014 Riley v. California. For the first time, it protected a person from having the police officer check their cell phone if they had it on them during the arrest. Riley said if you have that kind of suspicion, you better get a warrant and show it. So it took away the ability to search a cell phone, from that exception to the fourth amendment. 

Another exception to the fourth amendment is, any time you come through the airport checkpoints or any port of entry to the United States after international travel. You’re subjecting yourself to revision at that point. You don’t have the right to say, “Oh, you can’t search my, my luggage; that’s my personal effects.” They have a right to search for it. And right up to this point, immigration officers and customs officials can search those cell phones when you come in. It was very uncomfortable for a citizen named George Anibowei, who recently came in through Dallas-Fort Worth airport. He’s a naturalized U.S. citizen and a lawyer. He was going through customs when they wanted to search his cell phone. That bothered this lawyer because, first, just the privacy violation, but also because he’s representing clients who are suing the federal government for various things. He had information potentially on his phone revolving those cases. So, he is currently with a lawsuit pending that’s in the fifth circuit on appeal right now.

This topic has already been meted out by a couple of circuit courts in the country:

  • The 11th circuit felt it was constitutional at border checkpoints, that border officers could indeed review your cell phone without a warrant. 
  • The 9th circuit says they at least have to have reasonable suspicion. 
  • The 4th circuit says, “Hey, that’s unconstitutional; you will need a warrant.” 

We now have various courts who have disagreements about the standard that should be used.

As somebody who greatly values his fourth amendment right, I hope that this 5th circuit comes back and says, “We don’t feel comfortable authorizing searches of people’s papers and effects that exist in these cell phones.” 

That’s all we have today, we’ll see you next Wednesday with more interesting immigration information.

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