Maria Pilar Llusa

Immigration Attorney
Licensed to practice law in New York

Maria Pilar Llusa

Maria Pilar Llusa practices exclusively Global Immigration Law. Since 2001, she has worked extensively with the IT, energy/ oil and gas, Scandinavian, South American and Spanish business community to successfully transfer qualified workforce to the United States. She has also developed strategic relationships with attorneys abroad to assist companies and individuals to ensure timely and efficient transference of key personnel world-wide. She has more than fifteen years of international experience working with Europe, Latin America, Canada and Asia.


Ms. Llusa was born in Madrid, Spain and graduated from Law School both in Spain and in Washington, DC. Ms. Llusa also served as an Adjunct Professor at the Jones School of Management (MBA Program) at Rice University. She has previously worked in-house as an international transactional lawyer for Duke Energy in Houston and in Sweden and Norway as an international energy lawyer. Currently, Ms. Llusa is a Director of the Spain-American Bar Association; and has been actively involved in the Norwegian/Scandinavian energy community in Houston since 1995. She is member of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce. She is the proud adoptive mother of a little girl from Ethiopia.


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