Peek & Toland Quarterly Newsletter: Spring 2013

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Spring 2013 Newsletter:

Where Criminal Law & Immigration Law Intersect

Chaidez Court says Padilla Rule is NOT Retroactive

Criminal convictions, whether minor or major, can have an impact on the legal options of noncitizens under our immigration laws. For example, a permanent resident may be barred from seeking his citizenship through naturalization for 5 years if he is convicted of shoplifting something as simple as a candy bar. Keep Reading…


How to Immigrate Your Foreign Born Spouse to the U.S.

When a U.S. citizen decides to marry a foreign born spouse, the start of this new life together usually begins with the question:  How do I get my spouse papers? Or stated a little more sophisticated, how does my spouse become legal in the United States? Does he or she automatically become a U.S. Citizen?  Keep Reading…

Criminal Defense

Consent of Vehicle Searches

In a YouTube video titled, “Cop Gets Angry When Driver Tells Him He Needs A Warrant to Search His Car”, a gentleman is stopped by police while driving his SUV. (See video below). Following a brief investigation the police officer asks the driver for his consent to search the vehicle. The driver calmly refuses a search without a warrant. Keep Reading…

The Legal Update, Success Stories & Core Values In Action

Keep up to date with the latest changes to criminal defense, immigration and federal criminal defense law. Learn about our case victories and read about the clients we’ve been able to help. Also, learn how we strive to implement our Core Values every day to defend our clients, earn great results and changes lives. Keep Reading…

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