What is Texas Stateside Waiver?

Texas stateside waiver is relevant to people who have been told they are in the United States unlawfully and face removal.

In 2013, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced an amendment to the regulations about unlawful presence.

A new rule went into effect on March 4, 2013. It was great news for immediate relatives who qualified for a waiver but did not apply because they had to apply from outside the United States and faced long waits. A waiver is like a pardon.

what is Texas stateside waiver?

The changes were a win-win because:

1 – Relatives can stay with their families in the United States

2 – Waiting and processing times were cut.relative

Under the previous system, eligible applicants for immigrant visas who accrued unlawful presence beyond six months or a year had to return to their home country to apply for an I-601 waiver of inadmissibility.

When they left the United States, they were not admissible to re-enter for long periods of time, typically three or even 10 years.

Who Qualifies for Texas Stateside Waiver?

If you live in Texas or elsewhere, you will still have to demonstrate you are eligible for a waiver.

Some individuals with multiple entries into the U.S. on their record do not qualify, and people with prior deportations are usually exempt.

The applicant for stateside waiver must show.

1 He or she warrants a favorable exercise of discretion

2 The qualifying relative will suffer from extreme hardship in the event of the waiver not being approved.

You can read more about stateside waivers here on Peek & Toland ’s website.

Although the changes in the waiver were a positive step, it’s still not a straightforward process to apply for one.

Additionally, immigrants who require a waiver for a criminal conviction are still required to process these waivers at the consulate. The waiver process is extremely complicated and requires a lot more than merely filling in a form. It is extremely important that people who may be eligible consult with an experienced immigration attorney to determine their eligibility and to make sure all the necessary information is provided accurately and completely to USCIS.

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