What is White Collar Crime?

White collar crime is a classification for a wide range of crimes; typically, white collar crimes involve some sort of illegal deceit or breach of trust by a business or government professional, and do not involve acts of violence. Nonetheless, white collar crime convictions can result in serious penalties similar to those for more violent crimes, including long terms of incarceration, high fines, and payment of restitution to any victims. White collar crimes can be state law violations or federal law violations, depending on whether the allegedly activities crossed state lines. Some common examples of white collar crimes are bank fraud, identity theft, tax evasion, money laundering, mail and wire fraud, consumer fraud, and bribery.

What is White Collar Crime?

One common element of many white collar crimes is evidence showing that one individual or business is liable for the actions of one or more other individuals or businesses. In many cases, white collar crimes involve an individual who engages in criminal action on behalf of another, such as a boss or a corporation. Under certain circumstances, a corporation may be liable for the actions of its employees under federal law and under Texas law. Due to differences in federal and state law, it is easier for a corporation to be held responsible for its employees’ illegal actions than under Texas law. However, it is relatively common for one employee to be liable for the actions of another under Texas law; for this type of criminal liability, there need only be proof that a person forced another to perform the illegal act, solicited, attempted, or aided in the action, or had a legal duty to stop or prevent the action when able to do so.

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