Let us be your voice.

Our Mission Statement: Being Your Voice in Adversity
Through the Pursuit of Justice, Mercy and Restoration.

Let us be your voice.

Our Mission Statement: Being Your Voice in Adversity Through the Pursuit of Justice, Mercy and Restoration.

Immigration Attorneys in Austin, Texas

Let us be your voice.
Our Mission Statement: Being Your Voice in Adversity Through the Pursuit of Justice, Mercy and Restoration.

At Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC our lawyers are passionate about our clients’ legal needs. Proudly serving our community, small businesses, and you, the individual. Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC demonstrates its commitment to providing effective legal service. We embrace the importance of working hand in hand, guiding you as you address difficult legal choices such as criminal charges, a divorce, the need for a visa or complex business transactions and litigation. learn more

Meet Your Attorneys

Jeff Peek grew up in Austin and graduated from University of Texas before moving briefly to San Antonio to earn his J.D. at St. Mary’s University School of Law in 2000. He returned to Austin to practice criminal defense law but put his practice on pause to travel to Mexico and absorb the language and culture during an 8-month stay. He returned to Austin in 2002 and began to immerse himself in the practice of immigration law. He earned the nickname “El Abogado Guero que Habla Español” from his clients. He’s spent hours in and out of the courtroom fighting for justice, for his clients’ rights, and for Austin’s immigrant community.

Steve Toland is a Texas native who discovered his passion for the law while working at an entertainment law firm in Los Angeles. He attended St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio, which afforded him the opportunity to attend the Institute for Mexican Legal Studies, and serve as a law clerk at a Mexican law firm. Upon returning to the U.S., Steve served as a judicial clerk for the Honorable Edward C. Prado, then U.S. District Judge for the Western District of Texas in San Antonio. After graduation, Steve tried numerous cases as the Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas under then Texas Attorney General John Cornyn. Steve went into private practice in 2007, committing himself to defending clients at the state and federal level. He maintains membership with several celebrated professional organizations and is an active member of the community.

Trusted by Austin’s Immigrant Community

In 2010, Jeff Peek and Steve Toland formed Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC, with the goal of providing Austin’s immigrant community with dedicated, effective, and ethical legal representation. Since then, our firm has handled hundreds of cases across the spectrum of immigration law. We’ve worked with businesses on corporate visas, and with individuals on family visas. We’ve fought for our clients in deportation hearings and advised corporate clients in international business transactions. We have used our experience in criminal defense law to help immigrants with the unique difficulties they may face during criminal proceedings. The attorneys at Peek Toland & Castañeda provide clients with seasoned representation in immigration law and criminal defense.

We Focus on Immigration Law

Although hundreds of Austin-area law firms list immigration law as a part of their practice, many center their practices on areas outside of immigration law. It’s true that many local lawyers pick up the occasional immigration case, but those firms lack the focus and experience needed to navigate the complexities of Austin’s ever-changing immigration-law minefield.

Our attorneys have represented clients in a many complex immigration and criminal defense issues, such as issues with citizenship and naturalization, permanent residency, family visas, victim visas, deportation hearings, investor visas, employment-based visas, or representing immigrants with criminal backgrounds, or criminal proceedings. In 2014, Jeff Peek became one of only sixteen attorneys in Travis County to be Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, demonstrating both his commitment to and excellence in helping immigrants get fair treatment. Our team will provide you with the strong, dependable representation you need when you need it.

Spanish-Speaking Attorneys Who Understand Your Needs

Even more than our experience, focus, and skill, what sets us apart above all is that we’ve built our practice around the needs of Austin’s immigrant community. We’ve focused specifically on immigration law and on providing criminal defense to a community that is often underserved. Our practice is proudly bilingual, with several staff members fluent in Spanish and all resources offered in either language. We don’t just work with Austin’s immigrant population; we’re members of the same community. Austin is our home, and we’re committed to making sure you, as our neighbor, have access to the legal representation you deserve.

Peek Toland & Castañeda works to serve and defend its clients every day.

At Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC, we provide services to our clients in both English and Spanish. When you need a deportation lawyer in Austin, TX, or when a family member is facing deportation or other immigration issues, you can count on the experienced, trustworthy, and passionate legal expertise of Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC. We understand that the laws and regulations surrounding immigration can be extremely confusing, especially for those who struggle with English. Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC provides a wide array of legal services for immigrants and those seeking residency, including:

Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC will work aggressively to protect you and obtain the very best outcome for you.

Austin Attorneys with a Record of Success

Jeff Peek and Stephen Toland take pride in providing a historically underserved segment of the Austin community with affordable legal services from professional, knowledgeable, and successful attorneys. Whether you are in need of a criminal attorney, a federal criminal lawyer, jail release, or DWI representation, you can count on Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC to uphold your rights and to work assiduously to obtain the best possible outcome for you. With legal representation available whether you speak English or Spanish, Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC is the obvious choice.

Criminal Defense You Can Rely On

Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC can supply you with the Austin criminal defense attorney that you need if you have been arrested in Travis County on any criminal charges. Whether you need an Austin DUI lawyer or some other criminal defense, you can rest assured that your criminal attorneys at Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC in Austin will do everything possible to obtain a favorable resolution to your case. Your criminal attorney will serve as your champion and will aggressively defend your rights in and out of court.

The Austin Family Law Firm That Can Help You

In addition to the criminal defense and immigration assistance offered by Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC, we also serve as family law lawyers in Austin. If you need a family lawyer in Austin who speaks both Spanish and English and who can assist you with any of your family law needs, including divorce, custody, child support, and adoption services, turn to the reliable team at the Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC.

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Let Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC put their extensive knowledge of the law to work for you so that you can focus on your own life and your future. Our experience and past successes make Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC the law firm that you can trust with your legal needs. You can reach Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC at (512) 474-4445 to schedule an initial consultation or utilize or convenient online form to have a representative from Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC contact you as soon as possible. Schedule your consultation with Peek Toland & Castañeda PLLC today.


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