Immigration Success Stories

Cancellation of Removal

I am more than happy, I have no words to thank Peek & Toland , los Abogados Gueros, they won my case! My removal from USA has been canceled. I have 4 children in United States, if I would have been deported to Mexico I wouldn’t have been able to provide the financial support that my children need. I wouldn’t have been able to work in Mexico due to a disease that I have that causes me convulsion experiences and other disabilities. Peek & Toland won my immigration case. This will change my life and the life of my children!

Pre Trial Program

Amazing! Got in the pre trial program and They got my case closed ! I will recommend them to anyone in this kind of situation the lawyers and paralegals were always on time and they always super nice and knew what they were doing. Even the first time I hired them they knew what I needed help on and always gave me the best advice. Steve Toland is the best in my book!!

DACA Case – Client eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals after Request for Evidence for Proof of Presence!

Client and his brother were brought to the U.S. as children by their parents. Client’s brother has a severe medical condition that requires 24/7 care. Client’s family members work while he cares for his brother. Client hired Peek & Toland for deferred action for childhood arrivals. Client met all the requirements, however Client’s paperwork was sent back with a Request for Evidence for proof of Client’s presence in the U.S. for the past five years. Luckily Client was able to bring not only church records indicating he attended and helped out his Church regularly, he also was able to bring in a signed affidavit stating that he was the primary caregiver for his handicap brother. Client and his brother were both approved for deferred action for childhood arrivals.

Cancellation Case – Client wins Cancellation of Removal Case!

Client came to the U.S. from Mexico 1993. Client was arrested for a DWI in 2010. He came to our office seeking help with his criminal charges and with his immigration hold. Initially Peek & Toland believed that Client was eligible for a U Visa because he was stabbed in 2007, however our immigration team and criminal defense team could not prove the requirements for a U Visa for the Client. However, Client’s daughter was a victim of a sexual assault when she was 17-years-old which resulted in the conviction of her perpetrator. The requirements for a U Visa state that a victim can include her Mexican citizen parents in a derivative petition for a U Visa if the victim was under the age of 21 at the time of filing the application. Thus, Client was able to qualify for the derivative benefits of a U Visa through his daughter who was a victim of a violent crime.

Citizenship Case – Client becomes a U.S. Citizen!

Client became a legal permanent resident through 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act. He sought Peek & Toland ’s services for his Mexican citizen mother who was in the U.S. on an expired visa. Client had attempted to apply for an adjustment of status for his mother years earlier but was denied because he failed to disclose a prior conviction on his record before he was a legal permanent resident. Peek & Toland advised Client to apply for U.S. citizenship to significantly speed up the adjustment of status process for his mother. Client agreed and Peek & Toland began the naturalization process for client, including his prior convictions with his application. Fortunately, Peek & Toland was able to show Client met all the requirements for naturalization and should be granted U.S. citizenship. Client’s mother is currently seeking an adjustment of status thanks to Peek & Toland ’s immigration team and her son’s persistence.

J.M.A. Cancellations of Removal/Deportation – WIN! Client stays with family!

Client is a legal permanent resident who was arrested for a DWI. Client had several prior convictions for burglary of a vehicle and possession of drug paraphernalia. Client has a family in the U.S., including a pregnant wife and two other children from a previous relationship in which he has custody. Our Criminal Defense team was able to help Client plead out his DWI charge, so he was still eligible for Cancellation of Removal. Then Peek & Toland ‘s immigration team stepped in arguing before the immigration judge that Client’s prior convictions were not sufficient crimes of moral turpitude to preclude Client from relief. The judge agreed and cancelled Client’s removal proceedings allowing him to stay with his family in the U.S.

B.E.S. Cancellation of Removal/Deportation & Legal Permanent Residency Issued

Client is a undocumented person who was arrested for assault. Client’s wife is a U.S. citizen and his three children are all U.S. citizens. Client’s wife is chronically ill and disabled. Peek & Toland ‘s immigration team was able to argue that Client should be able to stay in the U.S. since he was married to a U.S. citizen and had three dependent U.S. citizen children, all of whom would suffer extreme hardship if Client was deported. The judge agreed and Client became a legal permanent resident and won his cancellation of removal hearing.

T. C. O. Cancellation of Removal/Deportation – WON !! Client granted Permanent Residency !

Client had lived here most his life but had some criminal infractions which made him deportable. We argued to the judge the equities he had here in the U.S., and put on evidence and testimony of his good character and value to the community and the Judge sided with us and granted us the victory and awarded our client by cancelling his deportation. Great win that allows a client to avoid being deported to a country which he hasn’t known since he was a baby, that is today a very violent a dangerous place, and more importantly reunifying him with his family and letting them stay together here in the U.S.!

P. B. M. Client Rescued from Williamson County Jail before Immigration could Deport him !!

Client had been arrested on a misdemeanor Fail to ID. The bond was set really low at $750 so we advised the wife in order to have him moved to Immigration Custody faster where we then could fight for a bond for him, to go ahead and pay his $750 criminal bond. We kept an eye on it (as we always do in these cases, because you never know when the jail or Immigration will make a mistake) and when 48 hours had passed (not including Saturday or Sunday or Holidays) and Immigration had not picked him up from jail, we knew we had an argument under the Federal Regulations that he must be released. Under Title 8 Section 287.7(d) it says that when ICE (Immigration) asks to issue a detainer for an Alien no otherwise detained by a criminal justice agency, such agency shall maintain custody of the alien for a period not to exceed 48 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in order to permit assumption of custody by the Department. So at the moment the 48 hours passed, we called the Jail and demanded his release. They realized their error but told us he was on the list to be transferred tomorrow morning. We told them that was a violation of Federal law and they needed to follow the law. They ended up agreeing with us and our client was released, thus avoiding Deportation proceedings. Great job by the Peek & Toland staff to vigilantly watch the jail and hold the government to following the law!

A. V. O. Client was awarded with Non-LPR Cancellation.

I. R. Client Released from Jail, Avoided Deportation Proceedings

Arrested for Class C Disorderly Conduct, ICE placed an Immigration detainer on him and the Criminal Defense and Deportation Defense attorneys at Peek & Toland due to a Violation of Federal Law and had the client released from jail and thus avoided Immigration Deportation Proceedings!

J. S. Client in jail in Travis County, and the Immigration & Criminal Teams at Peek & Toland worked together to have our client released from Sheriff custody before Immigration & Customs Enforcement could detain and deport our client = DEPORTATION AVOIDED & THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS SAVED!!!!

Our client had finished his sentence and his wife came into consult with the Immigration Attorneys at Peek & Toland to see what would be the next step and how she could get her husband out of Immigration custody. We advised her that there is a small chance that if ICE doesn’t pick up her husband within the 48 hour window provided by the Code Of Federal Regulations, that we could go and get him out. She listened to us, and as we monitored his custody, at the 48th hour the client was still in the local county jail and Immigration * Customs Enforcement (ICE) had not come for him. We immediately contacted the Sheriff’s office and the Commander of the jail and demanded his immediate release. We provided the Sheriff with proof of our clients eligibility and provided a summary on the law that supported our argument. The Sheriff immediately agreed and not only released our client (before he could be passed over to Immigration for deportation) but the Sheriff actually called himself to apologize for their error. Peek & Toland is the only firm in Central Texas who has been committed to monitoring the timely release of Immigrants when local jails violate the 48 hour rule, and whether it is at midnight (our attorneys have gone down to the jails at midnight to rescue clients from sure deportation) or midday, our constant vigilance, persistence, and knowledge of both Criminal and Immigration law has proven victorious for growing numbers of clients. Congrats to Mr. Serrano and his wife who can now be together for the birth of their child. Oh, did I mention his wife is 6 months pregnant? What a huge gift to be able to rescue the father of her child from deportation and restore their family.

S. C. – DWI 2 with a .20 breath test and Resisting Arrest and Leaving Scene of Accident all out of same incident. Both Resisting and Leaving Scene were dismissed and client plead to just the DWI conviction rescuing and preserving his options in the future with Immigration

In a particularly challenging case where our client not only hit another car right in front of a police officer, he tried to flee the scene of the accident, running over traffic cones in the process (officer was out of his car already directing traffic for another accident), the officer ran over to our client’s vehicle while it was still in motion and opened the car door and yanked out our client and turned off the car, and allegedly our client pulled away and resisted the officer. A breath test was given revealing a .19/.20 breath test result. Our client was in need of getting the Resisting Arrest and Leaving the Scene cases dismissed so he would not lose his chance to immigrate to the US one day (He was not a US citizen nor Permanent Resident and wanted to apply one day to live with his 4 kids and wife legally). By getting the 2 other cases dismissed, our client still has options in the future. A tough case with ugly facts for the client, but a great job negotiating by the Defense Attorneys at Peek & Toland .

N. M. – Felony Possession of False ID Travis County – Dismissed

After being charged with a felony false document charge that not only could have left him with a felony conviction on his record and a potential prison sentence, but also having the double jeopardy effect of being barred from immigrating into the US for all his life, Mr. Muniz put his trust in the attorneys at Peek & Toland to fight for the best result possible. And did we deliver! After some conversations with the District Attorney’s office about the finer points and nuances of the tricky penal code provisions that apply to fake document and forged document cases, we convinced them they could not meet their burden and that we would win this case at a Trial or on a suppression. They dismissed the case! Not only did we prevent a felony conviction for our client, we got it completely dismissed. Don’t let a felony charge like possession of a fake document or false government record ruin your life, put your trust in attorneys who will fight and defend your criminal case as if you were their best friend or family member. Peek & Toland treasure our relationship with our clients and we will do the very best to deliver the very best results.

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