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Immigration Attorneys in Austin, Texas

At Peek & Toland, PLLC our lawyers are passionate about our client’s legal needs. Proudly serving our community, small businesses and you, the individual. Peek & Toland, PLLC demonstrates its commitment to providing effective legal service. We embrace the importance of working hand in hand, guiding you as you address difficult legal choices such as criminal charges, a divorce, the need for a visa or complex business transactions and litigation.

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Peek & Toland Law Firm works to serve and defend its clients every day.

At Peek & Toland, PLLC, we provide services to our clients in both English and Spanish. When you need a deportation lawyer in Austin, TX, or when a family member is facing deportation or other immigration issues, you can count on the experienced, trustworthy, and passionate legal expertise of Peek & Toland, PLLC. We understand that the laws and regulations surrounding immigration can be extremely confusing, especially for those who struggle with English, that is why your immigration attorney in Austin, Texas at Peek & Toland, PLLC provides a wide array of legal services for immigrants and those seeking residency, including:

  • Citizenship Assistance
  • Immigration/Deportation Defense
  • Green Cards
  • Permanent Residency Status
  • Visa Applications
  • Deferred Action
  • … and more

Peek & Toland, PLLC can provide you with an immigration lawyer in Austin, TX, who will work aggressively to protect you and obtain the very best for you given your current circumstances. When you need a Visa lawyer or any other immigration assistance from lawyers in Austin, TX, you need Peek & Toland, PLLC

Attorneys with a Record of Success in Austin – Peek & Toland, PLLC

Jeff Peek and Stephen Toland take pride in providing a historically underserved segment of the Austin community with affordable legal services from professional, knowledgeable, and successful attorneys. Whether you are in need of criminal attorneys in Austin, a federal criminal lawyer, jail release in Austin, or an Austin DWI lawyer, you can count on Peek & Toland, PLLC to uphold your rights and to work assiduously to obtain the best possible outcome for you. With legal representation available whether you speak English or Spanish, Peek & Toland, PLLC is the obvious choice.

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers You Can Rely On

Peek & Toland, PLLC can supply you with the Austin criminal defense attorney that you need if you have been arrested in Travis County on any criminal charges. Whether you need an Austin DUI lawyer or some other criminal defense, you can rest assured that your criminal attorneys at Peek & Toland, PLLC in Austin will do everything possible to obtain a favorable resolution to your case. Your criminal attorney will serve as your champion and will aggressively defend your rights in and out of court.

The Austin Family Law Firm That Can Help You

In addition to the criminal defense and immigration assistance offered by Peek & Toland, PLLC, we also serve as family law lawyers in Austin. If you need a family lawyer in Austin who speaks both Spanish and English and who can assist you with any of your family law needs, including divorce, custody, child support, and adoption services, turn to the reliable team at the Peek & Toland, PLLC.

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Let Peek & Toland, PLLC put their extensive knowledge of the law to work for you so that you can focus on your own life and your future. Our experience and past successes make Peek & Toland, PLLC the law firm that you can trust with your legal needs. You can reach Peek & Toland, PLLC at 512.474.4445 to schedule an initial consultation or utilize or convenient online form to have a representative from Peek & Toland, PLLC contact you as soon as possible. Schedule your consultation with Peek & Toland, PLLC today.

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